Lindy Love!

I've been watching a forever's worth of swing videos on YouTube for a while now and am quite taken by it. I've always been a fan of jazz music and as a dancer myself, I guess that pathway wasn't exactly a most unexpected one. I've just fallen in love with it all! The way they move, the energy and freedom is contagious and so electrifying. Over a computer screen I can feel that much and I can't imagine being in the same room as Annie Trudeu or Juan Villafane while their doing their thang! 

My friends have noticed that I seem to go through little phases when some particular subject takes over my head and I become borderline obsessed. I think this is one of those "phases". And I can't be more glad. (Actually, I could be a whole to happier if this didn't coincide with my hundred school assessments and the exams that string along after it!)

I hope to start a Lindy Hop class sometime this year and I can't wait for that!! The minute I turn 18, I'll forget about trashy nightclubs (not that they were on my agenda anyway) and drag my best friends to some swingin' jazz club to bust a move there.

Hope my tap/jazz/ballet training comes in handy for this as it has for a couple of swing dancers I've watched.

Well, I'm off to listen to some Duke Ellington now whilst grudgingly writing an speech about the media's effect on women...

How the heck does she do that in a pencil skirt? 

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