Hepburn and apple pie

The first round of this year's Dark Ages are over. After half a week cramming at night (or should I say morning?) and exam-doing during the day, I feel like I've finally finished a wonderful summer stock show. Only with less creative fulfilment and more relief.

I celebrated by popping "Adam's Rib" into the Mac and stuffing my face with the softest apple pie in the world, whipped cream and a Toblerone. I think I may have forgotten how charming Kate could be! It was a perfect afternoon of relaxation.

One criticism, though, is Amanda's (Kate) point of view. Someone tried to shoot two people; hit or not, it was still shot at them. I think Judy Holliday's character should have been sentenced. I agree wholeheartedly with the ideology behind Amanda's actions (feminism, equality blah-di-blah) but, really, attempted murderers should be behind bars! Aside from that, Tracy-Hepburn were their usual hotshot selves and the Hollywood Code its usual droll nature (though I must say the ending was quite scandalous. There was no foot on the floor there!)

Adam's Rib Trailer here!

I'm off to my very first vintage fair on Saturday! It's the Hello Sailor Vintage Fair in Melbourne and it looks wonderful. I can hardly wait!!

(Hello Sailor Vintage Fair official page

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