Call me Mrs Peterson!

So after the initial shock of getting a role I would never in a million years imagine myself to have, we get to costume fittings!!

Costume fittings are always fun...especially when we're going back to the 50s. Whilst my 75-year-old-lady mink coat and orthopaedic shoes weren't exactly the cat's meow, those slick blue suits certainly were! Is it okay to state that I was quite turned on by all those guys looking so 1950s GQ?

For someone in love with past eras, that session was heeaaaaveeen!! In those few short hours, I mapped out an entire Donna Reed fantasy using the countless Jimmy Stewart passerbys.

And that, folks, is a productive rehearsal.

Time to persuade the people in charge to do The Boyfriend next year....!

My editing skills are just too good. 

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