There's plenty of circles in this life. You hear people say it; sometimes you understand what it means and other times, you brush it off as mere coinkidink. But it happens to you and you get this feeling of contentment and it just feels...nice. 

In my situation, the nice feeling is inside there somewhere but it's fighting a battle with disquietude. Has the circle come too fast? I don't even know if I'm ready or if I'm tough enough for this! I would never turn away from a challenge but...this feels different, somehow. 

I remember everything so clearly--the beginning of that circle is so vital to my growth as a performer that I've got so much to thank for it. There's two girls--one girl especially. Let's name them Sam and Carmen. The first time I saw them just playing around at musical theatre rehearsals, I was in awe already. Both were unlike any performer I have ever seen, Carmen more than Sam because she moved so naturally and her presence when performing had me mesmerised. Even to this day, she has the same effect on me (although I've had a lot of practice to try not to look every time she dances) and it is more than clear that she has this same effect today on every new girl that comes through that rehearsal door. In a nutshell: she's a star. 

A lot of what I know and knowledge on how I should perform has transpired through observing her (this sounds totally creepy, but I'm all pure admiration, I assure you!). My "observations" seem to have paid off---professionals steal, amateurs copy, you know---and I thank my unwitting teacher. 

Over three enriching years, we've all become great friends and eventually, I, too, have become one of "The Seniors" at our musical theatre group (although it is unspoken and acknowledged fact that Carmen is who all the younger performers just beginning their circles idolise. We are all talented and I never undervalue each of our skills but her electric presence really carries her). 

Today, I find myself contending against my two teachers for the first time; our eyes on the two lead roles. It's incredibly gratifying to be eventually listed under the "Call Backs" heading whispering "here's a chance to bat in the same field". 

The long Overture of my foundation stage is playing its final notes and, you know what? I think I hear it merging into the melody of Act 1's opening number. 

The first round is done and in two days, the main events begin. Bring on the splits, sweat and sheet music!!

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